Design & Manage / Retro-fit

Caswell Massey

The purveyor of soaps and lotions, wanted to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.  We created a new facility design that reduced footprint by 33%, increased storage capacity by 30%, and eliminated all outside storage.  Key results:  50% increase in picking efficiency, 40% reduction in packaging costs, and 15% reduction in UPS costs, maintained high levels of customer service.

Design & Install / International

Welspun USA

Client wanted a manufacturing and distribution facility in Juarez, Mexico. Collaborated with plant management to design and layout a 600,000 ft2 facility within a phased-in 3 year plan.  Oversaw selection of material storage and handling equipment. Project was on time and within budget.

Consolidation / 3 into 1

Harvard, Yale, MIT PRESS

Combined 3 book distributors into one new 150,000 ft2 facility. Developed operating processes, physical design and layout, helped select equipment vendors and managed install and commissioning of equipment. Executed plan to transfer product to new facility. We met all goals and company operates same way 8 yrs later.

Planning / Finding space

Perlier Cosmetics

Client was experiencing space problems and was unable to properly stage outbound orders for home shopping networks. We created revised physical design and managed implementation of retrofit to existing space, later doubling space to 100,000 ft2. Results: 45% reduction in material handling labor, found space for three additional assembly and packing lines.

Strategize / Stay put

Bardwil Home

Client believed they were out of storage space. We redesigned storage methodology and physical layout, developed new storage areas for lower volume products. Implemented two key changes: single SKU per location and syncing inventory information with financial and WMS systems. Results:  Cut order picking staff in half, signed five-year lease extension, avoiding cost of relocation. Inventory accuracy increased from 85% to 99%.

Strategize / Plan for future


Client had two separate businesses and distribution operations, one handled by a third-party and one their own.  We worked with COO to develop a business plan for single facility, determining size, location, staffing and capital equipment requirements. Plan was accepted and we were hired to design, commission, begin and manage operations, including using SAP. Results: New facility opened on time.

Reengineer / Increase productivity

Pike Machine Products, Inc.

Client had floor layout problems adversely affecting turnaround and workflow.  We analyzed existing processes and volumes and worked with manufacturing management to design four machining cells, helping to implement Lean Manufacturing initiatives.  Results:  Eliminated congestion issues, increased on-time shipments 25% with reductions rework and overall labor costs.

Design / Multiple locales

ArchBrook Laguna

Client, formerly BDI Laguna, was growing exponentially. We designed two new facilities in NJ and GA with physical layout totaling 200,000 ft2. Supported selection of WM software from Manhattan Associates for paperless operation design. Completed physical layout and managed equipment selection and installation.  Results:  Started up on time, on budget with no interruption of business.

Re-Organize / Make it happen

Production Tool Company, Inc.

Client was having trouble meeting commitments to ship same day. We defined metrics to track on-time shipments and produce daily reports. We also reorganized receiving, put away, picking, packing and shipping methodologies as well as built new organizational structure, rescheduled hours of operation and refined logistics. Results:  Improved accuracy by 27% and efficiency by 33% without a single increase in staffing.