We provide space planning and design consulting services.  We focus on determining the best allocation of space and the most cost-efficient use of equipment and human resources.

In the end, it is the client who selects the plan that best suits their objectives.  The CAD designer then details the selected solution.

We also develop material storage and handling equipment specs, allowing clients to seek identical bids from several vendors.

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We conduct surveys and analyses of the operations, focusing on problem areas that have caused pain including congestion, inefficiency, extended travel distances, multiple handling of materials and orders, and the like using data from the client’s operations.

We let these guide us toward potential solutions. At the end, we often know more about the details of a client’s distribution operation than the company itself.

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While analysis and design are essential, it is implementation that brings all elements of the project together and often determines the success or failure of the effort.

We are available to assist and guide the client through vendor selection, equipment installation, commissioning and startup activities.  We have managed distribution operations and are familiar with potential pitfalls to be avoided, adjusting to ensure success.

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Our Mission

For over 35 years, Howard Klein has been providing operations consulting and distribution engineering services to clients in a wide variety of industries.  For the last 25 years, the focus has been on warehouse and distribution operations.  Whether planning new facilities or expanding or improving operations in existing locations, we assist our clients in selecting the most pragmatic solutions to meet their needs, both current and future.

We work with existing management to identify and quantify problem areas.  We consider all aspects of operations from receiving through storage, order selection as well as fulfillment and shipping.

We then present one or more alternatives, review the advantages, disadvantages, costs and benefits of each, supported by the results of the analyses.  It is the client who selects the final solution.  We develop space allocation plans and then detailed designs, using CAD, for the selected solution.

Our work doesn't stop there.  We feel, it is important to continue the process by providing implementation assistance.  Although we have developed relationships with a variety of material storage and handling equipment vendors, we maintain an arm’s length relationship.  We don’t sell equipment.  Our main focus is on providing the most appropriate solution for our clients rather than solutions that best utilize any particular type of equipment.


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